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RHA, Versa and Revanesse Lips

  • $50 off half syringe

  • $125 off full syringe

  • Purchase RHA lip filler and receive free lip flip



  • $125 off Morpheus8 Bright eyes session, Treatment of under eyes bags/puffiness and improvement of fine lines to crow's feet

  • $125 off Morpheus8 Lip and smiles lines session, treatment of fine lines around the lips and to smile lines-add syringe of Belotero, RHA or Versa for $150 off


Nonsurgical BBL

  • Mini BBL for plumping and correction of dimples $2495 (savings of $1105)

  • Full BBL for max plumping, correction of hip dips, smoothing of dimples $5995 (savings of $1205)


Daxxify and Xeomin

  • $2 off each unit of Daxxify

  • Receive 10 free Daxxify units with purchase of Daxxify treatment

  • $1.50 off each unit of Xeomin


Radiesse, RHA and 8-Point Lifts

  • Purchase two syringes of Radiess, receive one free syringe of RHA, Versa or Belotero

  • Purchase 8-point lift and receive one free syringe of of lip filler (RHA, Versa or Belotero)

  • Purchase two syringes of RHA and receive one syringe free

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